Far Infrared Sauna – Whats the benefits?

Far Infrared sauna

Why we love our Far Infrared Sauna at Divine Therapy!

Why Infrared?

Traditional saunas work by splashing water over heating rocks to intensify the feeling of heat. Infrared saunas, work with infrared rays heating the body.

The infrared works the same way the sun does, without the harmful UV rays, by penetrating the body into the joints and muscles. Infrared saunas heat your body, without the uncomfortable humidity and claustrophobic feel of traditional saunas.




Our Detox Box is wonderfully relaxing and has many health

Blood Circulation

When our body heats up, it naturally tries to cool itself. Our heart pumps
faster and our blood vessels expand, increasing our blood flow.

Weight Control and Cellulite

Thermo regularity is the control of our body temperature, it affects our heart
rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate. When our body heats up, everything speeds
up, and like exercising, our thermoregulation kicks in. This is hard work for
the body and reduces excess moisture, salt and fat. You can burn 400-600
calories in one 30 minute session!
That’s like running a marathon!


Perspiration is a way of exfoliating the skin, removing dirt, excess oil and
dead skin cells leaving fresh healthy skin revealed. An increased blood
circulation also encourages cell renewal and brings a healthy glow to your

Scarring, Muscle and Joint Pain

Heat relieves pain by expanding the blood vessels allowing more oxygen to reach
the affected areas of the body. This helps to reduce pain and helps speed up the
healing process. When this is combined with cell renewal, scarring is reduced.

Stress & Fatigue

Just like in massage, heat helps to loosen and relax the body.

Immune System

When we are sick, we may develop a fever. This is over body way of fighting
illness and ridding toxins for our body. The infrared sauna imitates a fever
without the pain or illness. The body’s immune system is then activated and
wards off unwanted visitors in our body.


We are exposed to toxins every day such as nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol,
sodium and carcinogenic heavy metals. By using the infrared sauna, we are able
to help rid our bodies of these impurities by sweating.

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session and try it for yourself!





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