Change your life, one habit at a time!

Forget crash diets, fads and miracles and rediscover good old common sense! Cyndi O’Meara describes how you can change your life by simple changes in habits.

I just had to write a post about this book – it’s the best I’ve read in years, and should definitely be in the top 5 of everyone’s ‘must read’ list.

Changing Habits, Changing Lives – Cyndi O’Meara.

Here’s the jacket:

“In this inspirational book, nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara successfully demonstrates how true health and success begins with you and the way you think and act. With a positive and persuasive manner, Cyndi takes you on an exciting journey that gives you the keys to transforming your health, energy and vitality – one habit at a time.

Forget crash diets, fads and miracles – are you ready for a mind-shift? Packed with new tips derived from the latest research, practical techniques and great recipes, Changing Habits, Changing Lives is a life-affirming guide to manageable and sustainable change. Cyndi makes it easy and fun – even your kids will love it.

You will discover the biggest obstacle that stands between you and your health, the first thing you must do in the morning that gives you abundant energy for the day, the myth of butter and why it’s really good for you, the secret that means you can healthily eat chocolate and drink coffee….and so much more!”

What I love about it is that Cyndi O’Meara uses basic common sense to show us how we can dramatically improve our lives. She also reminds us that we won’t improve our health through huge well-intentioned (but hard to keep up) changes to our lives, but rather through tweaking and replacing the little habits.

Chocolate and coffee CAN be part of a healthy diet, in the right amounts and quality. Why eat artificial, hydro-fatty, additive-packed margarine, when we eat lovely, natural butter? See, common sense!

By highlighting simple, step by step changes we can make in our everyday lives, Cyndi is cutting through the confusion of how to make good, healthy choices, especially when it comes to our food.

Loved it, and now lived it!

Changing Habits Changing Lives books, audio and reports

Want to find out more? Visit Cyndi’s website at Changing Habits Changing Lives


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